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Carepar [kɛəa] n.

1.A unit of measurement for hotels and venues stating the carbon emission per available room per day, or function room per half day.
2. Name given to the the process of indexation of hotel and venue carbon data and its distribution. Also called The Hotel Carbon Index.

The Carepar process takes physical and variable data from an hotel or venue and uses it to calculate the carbon weight generated in a single room night or period use of a function or meeting room. Over time as hotels re submit their variable data their indices are recalculated, and improvements in environmental impact logged.

The data is available in a variety of formats to be used by individual travellers, Companies and Intermediaries (Hotel Booking Agencies or Travel Management Companies) to calculate the carbon cost of their hotel usage and to inform purchasing decisions.

Carepar - working towards a hotel sector standard measurement for carbon output, enabling people to make informed decisions based on accurate audited data.

Price Matrix

Properties Price
1-10 £ 250
11-30 £ 225
31-60 £ 200
61-100 £ 175
31-60 £ 200
61-100 £ 175
101-200 £ 150
200 + £ 125